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Wali is an adult, flanged East Bornean orangutan who currently resides in the Kutai National Park in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. He is part of an important population of orangutans being studied by the Orangutan Kutai Project.



This is Wali, the flanged adult male that we now meet often in our north (Mentoko/Bendili) research area. A “flanged” or “cheekpadder” male refers to male orangutans that possess the large cheek pads on either side of their face. This differentiates them from subadult male orangutans who have slimmer faces (no cheek pads). He appears to be the current ‘resident’ dominant adult male in our research area.

Adoption Packet Includes:

  • Certificate of Adoption
  • Orangutan’s Story
  • 2×3 Photo of your Orangutan

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